Site upgrade - Possible downtime

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Site upgrade - Possible downtime

Post by eoinzy »

I've decided to upgrade the site to the latest version of the phpBB software.

As a result, you may notice the odd time that you come here that you'll get errors and the site wont load. This is because I am performing these upgrades on the live site! This is seriously advised against but I'm still doing it anyway coz i couldnt be arsed setting up a local server on me laptop and configuring it and then uplaoding it on top of the site here.

Actually, I did that last night but was too tired to work properly so said fuck it, and decided to just edit the live site!

So, if you notice over the next cupla days that the site isnt working, give it 15 mins and it should be fine. I'm expecting errors since i'm planning on starting in about 7 hours, but I'm planning on starting drinking (for the world cup) in 6 hours.

Also, once the upgrade is complete, you should notice absolutely no difference at all to the site. I'm just doing it for the laugh***!! :D

***"the laugh" meaning I fucked up the site previously so that when you're not logged in, the text is all over the place, and couldnt fix it so have decided to start all over again with the software (not the database - the only data that MAY dissappear is highscores). :pac:
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Re: Site upgrade - Possible downtime

Post by dingo »

OK so the site is upgraded now. You'll notice the new Quick reply feature. Its a bit fancier than the original one!

I'll also add back in the smilies as soon as I can.

For the time being, the arcade games and the sudoku games are turned off. I'm gonna upgrade them separately. You can reply here if u want to pretend ya care. It'll be mucho appreciated!!! ;)

Anyway, if any errors are encountered, let me know ASAP.

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