iPad 2 - Hands on review - First look

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Re: iPad 2 - Hands on review - First look

Post by Jason »

eoinzy wrote:iPad 2 - Hands on review - First look
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Epic, can wait to get mine
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Re: iPad 2 - Hands on review - First look

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I hope it has more features than the first iPad:
iPad comparison :lol:
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Re: iPad 2 - Hands on review - First look

Post by Biggins »

I have to say myself, I don't like the Ipad for the simple reason that its a pain the backside to put your own stuff on it such as independent books or anything that is not forced to cough up money to the Apple.
(You can't link it to a PC and simple copy stuff across)
Also don't like their attitude to DRM and they way they are rights restrict everything.
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Re: iPad 2 - Hands on review - First look

Post by eoinzy »

I agree. After I did some research into Android, I could shortly after that that was the direction to go in for my next purchase. Apple products, while they do the job and seem user-friendly enough, they're not suitable for my needs, ie being a big nerd who likes to hack and crack anything even remotely comparable to a computer!! :lol:

With the comparison above though, it does highlight the importance of:
a) a good marketing department, and
b) releasing a product at the right time.

Similar happened with the Sega Dreamcast. It was the first console with online gaming, and had a revolutionary controller, as well as some typically excellent Sega games, but it was slow to pick up and failed. Cue Microsoft a few years later basically copying them and you have a hugely successful product! If only HP had've waited a while to release theirs!
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