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Does anyone watch this?

I've started getting into it lately. I have all the episodes on DVD off my housemate so I've started from the start and watched nearly all the episodes.

For anyone that doesn't know what its about, Dexter works for the police forensic department in Miami. His job is to find clues from blood spatters and murders.

He had a troubled childhood. He was adopted by a cop, who helped him deal with his mental state. The twist is, that he went through some trauma before he was adopted that he cannot remember. This has messed up his head. As a result, he has a fasciantion with death, and the whole show revolves around him basically murdering people. Not just any people, but people he deems to be bad.

He uses his training to kill them in such a way that he leaves no DNA or forensic evidence. The 3rd season is out now, and he still hasnt been caught. Hes been close, but is yet to be discovered.

Its a good show. I'm usually only ever interested in comedies, but this is a good drama, with a lot of comedic undertones too. I definately recommend it! 8-)
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