Another HP TouchPad firesale

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Another HP TouchPad firesale

Post by eoinzy »

So, after the first one, its looking like there may be a second HP TouchPad Fire sale!!

With the first fire sale, they had to sell off all their devices. The problem was, they'd already committed to buying a lot of new part to build another batch. HP apparently tried to cancel this, but were contracted to buy them so they did.

So now they've another full batch of HP TouchPad tablets assembled, and ready to be sold.

Whether or not it'll be in a fire sale has yet to be announced.

What has been announced, however, is that come December 11th 2011, their eBay store will be selling all their remaining stock of TouchPads.

If you want to get your hands on one, visit

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out, and will try get my hands on one if they're selling for $99 again!! :geek:
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