And This Year's Oscar Hosts Are…

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And This Year's Oscar Hosts Are…

Post by amsroks »

Wow! This is certainly unexpected!

Sources close to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have reportedly offered the Oscars hosting gig to both James Franco and Anne Hathaway, and it "looks like" they've accepted!

Holy shiz! They seem a little young, at least compared to the usual hosts, no?
But still EXCELLENT choices, regardless! And maybe it will help the Academy Awards garner more viewership!

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Re: And This Year's Oscar Hosts Are…

Post by dingo »

meh, whats so special about them? I never watch the oscars anyway, coz its on too late! :oops:
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Re: And This Year's Oscar Hosts Are…

Post by Biggins »

...As it turned out, with the two of them doing it, the general feeling is that they were crap.
I suspect they won't be asked to do it again.
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