Travel insurance.

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Re: Travel insurance.

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Thats true.
I heard a story recently about someone who had travel insurance and got sick in Asia. As it turns out, they had the WRONG TYPE of insurance so had to pay medical bills themselves. As far as I know, the bills were running into thousands per day!

So yeah, get travel insurance if you're going far away from home, and also make sure it covers what you need!!
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Re: Travel insurance.

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When you go to the travel firstly you open your insurance because If we go there and may be problem to our health then medical insurance is very use full to you and you will get full benefit after the accident by the medical insurance company so it is use full to you..
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Re: Travel insurance.

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If you have an idea to travel then you should consider about a traveling insurance as well because it would be a great help to your health and security. Well It's a personal decision. I never leave home without it. Some travelers don't agree that insurance is necessarily a must. I'm not suggesting that everyone should travel without insurance. Peace of mind is a different equation for every person. But sometimes It can save you big money.

I'd buy travel insurance in the following reasons,

1) If a elderly & unhealthy relatives or parents whose illness would require you to abandon your travels.

2) If my health is not good.

3) If the trip with some physical risk, like remote backpacking, trekking, safari etc. But be sure the policy includes medical evacuation insurance.

4) If i am going on an extremely expensive once in a lifetime trip.
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Travel insurance

Post by RomalaG.Polve »

WWhat type of travel insurance to get for a long family HOLIDAY in the USA?They are all pretty much the same0
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