Coogee Bay Hotel - Poo Incident

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Coogee Bay Hotel - Poo Incident

Post by dingo » ... ion-closed

Looks like they've closed the investigation.

The lab report said that the poo was most likely from a woman. I'm sure the people who work there know exactly who it was. Ya can always tell what sort of people you work with would be capable of pooing in somebodys chocolate ice-cream. Plus, it was probably the whole kitchen staff that were involved.

I definately wont be going there unless everyone of them is sacked and they've hired a brand new team of staff!
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Re: Coogee Bay Hotel - Poo Incident

Post by eoinzy »

lol well this place is still open anyway. One of me mates ended up here at 10am last sunday morning after being out drinkigng the whole of saturday night. He was fallign asleep at the bar so decided to come home. When he got home, we notived he had poo smeared all over his face.....not really though. :lol:
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