Sportsmen on the titanic

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Sportsmen on the titanic

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With all the news about the Titanics anniversary, I stumbled across this article, detailing the lives of some little known sportsmen onboard, most of whom survived. There's even one of them who got their actions that night included in the Titanic film.
Its a short, but interesting read.

The names include:

Richard Norris 'Dick' Williams (Tennis)
Karl Howell Behr (Tennis)
David John 'Dai' Bowen (Boxing)
Leslie Williams (Boxing)
Charles Eugene Williams (Squash)
Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon (Fencing/early MMA-style fighter)
William Ernest Carter (Polo)
James Clinch Smith (Yachtsman/Horseman)
John Borie Ryerson (Golf)
Washington Roebling II (Motorsport)

Here's the full article: ... 07636.html
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Sportsmen on the titanic

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No I am from Australia so I miss out on many UK TV and channels. This means I miss out on many new Titanic shows that is made in the UK.
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