Soccer player heart attack

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Soccer player heart attack

Post by eoinzy »

So, with the news that Fabrice Muamba has retired following his on-field heart attack last season, I thought I'd post this video.

Its of Anthony Van Loo, who also has a similar heart condition to Fabrice Muamba, including the little defribrilator implant in his chest.
Muambe chose to retire due to his heart concerns, but Anthony Van Loo chose to play on.

This video is what happens when the defribrilator implant kicks in.
Its a bit scary, but interesting all the same. Its not in English either but it has subtitles.

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Soccer player heart attack

Post by Subbotacroca »

I know there are other factors/reasons are involved but stress too can lead to heart attack or heart disease.. Is that true? Depression can make you a heart patient?
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