Hungry Striker

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Hungry Striker

Post by pimptastic »

Billy Sharp scored the first goal in Nottingham Forest's 2-2 draw at Blackpool -- an action that apparently made him a bit hungry. After scoring in the 25th minute, Sharp did a power slide towards a group of Forest supporters at Bloomfield Road. Some of the fans rushed up against the divider between the stand and the pitch and one of them was holding a hot dog.

That hot dog caught Sharp's fancy, so he asked if he could have a bite and the fan handed it over. Sharp then took his bite and moved on, as the fan was presumably fine with losing the remainder of his hot dog if it meant helping to fuel the scorer for the rest of the match.

Sharp's goal would remain the difference until Blackpool scored in the 70th and 75th minutes and substitute Dexter Blackstock saved a point for Forest by making it 2-2 in added time.

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Re: Hungry Striker

Post by eoinzy »

hah, thats pretty funny!

Is it weird that since his kid died, he's become really famous, and is in the news on a regular basis?

When it happened, he was all over the news for weeks and people watched his matches. Then he got signed by bigger clubs and was very close to getting into the premiership. Forest are doing well this season so he might be there next season. It strikes me though, that in this case, the only difference between being a League 1 player, and a Championship/Premiership player is being known in the media.
If thats true, then it explains why a lot of footballers try to get in the media for anything they can.
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