Mulligans Irish Restaurant - Sydney

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Mulligans Irish Restaurant - Sydney

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I was in an Irish restaurant last weekend. It was called Mulligans. It is by far the nicest restaurant I have been in so far in Australia.

It has proper Irish potatoes and stuff. Myself and my girlfriend went there for a meal. It cost us 115 dollars in total. That included 2 starters, 2 mains and a bottle of Wolf Blass white wine. Another couple we're travelling with went the night before. Their meal came to 115 dollars too, so it seems to be the standard.

Also, the place is totally haunted! We went in and as soon as we sat down, we both felt weird. My girlfriend nearly start crying and I got depressed and felt like we were back in the famine days and kept picturing old women crying and waving scarves at people heading off abroad, or dying or whatever. Then we found out they do psychic nights every Thursday night! How weird is that??

Anyway, food was lovely. Best place i've been to in Sydney. I might go back again next week!
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Re: Mulligans Irish Restaurant - Sydney

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I was meant to go back there tonight again for the psychic night, but im broke so cant! :(

I'll have to wait til i come back to sydney after perth before i can get some nice proper irish food! :(
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