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Arcade added

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:26 am
by eoinzy
I've added the arcade to the site! Finally!!

I'm curretnly downloading some games for it. Its fairly straight forward. If you've played the Sudoku game, you'll have no problems figuring out the arcade games.

What I might do is add a new game every week. We'll start with something basic like Tetris....or a game I actually like!! :lol:

Check back for more updates.

Re: Arcade added

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:40 am
by eoinzy
I've uploaded a good few games there.

I madea whole section dedicated to the Yeti games.

I already have a cupla high scores in there so see if u can catch me!! :D

Re: Arcade added

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:51 pm
by amsroks
some of them are pretty cool but tetris doesn't load!!

Re: Arcade added

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:39 am
by eoinzy
ye i know tetris is borked. working on it.

prob have to just download it again or change the settings for it most likely.

keep me up to date if u find any more games that dont work.

also, prepare to have ur highscores destroyed!