Rottnest Island - Western Australia

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Rottnest Island - Western Australia

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Rottness Island is a small island, about 30k around, situated about half an hours boat ride from Perth. On a clear day, you can see it from Kings Park in Perth, or some any of the tall buildings in the city.

When I went there, we got the boat about 7am and headed over. It was about 22 degrees so too cold for the Perth locals ;), so I reckon there was literally less than 100 people on the island, including the residents!

We opted to go with the bike rental and attempted to cycle the whole island by ourselves. This was pretty cool! It meant we could stop anywhere we wanted and have a look around! There are some seriously cool sand dunes and beaches, which were all deserted but still warm enough. The problem, however, is that we were not particularly fit enough for the numerous hills on the island! As a result, we only did a 15kk round trip.

We stopped at some really cool little beaches though and saw a lot of the local wildlife, such as the Quokka, which is a marsupial like the roo or wallaby, excepy really small! About the size of a small dog or a car or something.


After we completed the semi-lap of the island, we went back to the main bar on the beach. The bar is right on the beach, so you can literally spill your beer and it will roll out on the sand! There are some tropical trees as well that really give it an island feel and all the beaches have clean white sands and crystal clear water! Oddly enough, you can still even see the buildings in the city!! Its very surreal to be on such an isolated and empty island and still be so close to the city! Thats Australia I guess. Brisbane has its own beach in the city, and Bondi in Sydney is close enough to go on your lunch break! Even Melbourne has some beaches within a few miles!

Anyway, Rottnest, for such a cheap day out its well worth it! I'd definately go back if I'm over that way again! And this time I'm definately gonna make the full round trip!!
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Rottnest Island Western Australia

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Wonderful to hear you had such a good trip

We would love to go to Australia and during a particularly dreary January weekend we planned a trip there just for fun. My daughter took the task seriously and checked out food allergies and thought it would be a good place to travel. Hopefully one day we can actually use the travel plans we made
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